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In our latest blog, we introduce Think Wow, our new CX service partner, and share some insight into why Mobile Mini is targeting experiential improvements as part of ongoing commitments to staff and customers.


For some time now, Mobile Mini has been working towards improving the overall customer experience, increasing transparency, education and introducing a renewed company culture of fostering sustained improvement. From recent website overhauls to mental health, wellbeing and diversity initiatives, our business has made positive steps but we are far from finished. One of our fundamental Golden Rules is ‘people are our most valuable asset’ and is for that reason that we searched out Think Wow, to truly help us deliver on this ethos, consider what we do well and analyse where there is still room for further improvement.


Who is Think Wow?   

Think Wow is an award-winning business that supports companies all over the UK when they establish a need or desire to remain customer-focused, competitive, profitable and happy. The Think Wow team undertake a deep-dive review of company culture, shared objectives and customer feedback, then use detailed insights to expertly design a positive future strategy.

Once this has been agreed upon by senior members of staff, the Think Wow team assist with the implementation and adoption of newly refined processes. These activities assist with building a positive brand reputation, growing business operations from within and most importantly, empowering all staff and customers to both provide and receive the best possible experiences.


The Mobile Mini experience

Since recently embarking on this CX journey, Mobile Mini has already launched its project with a presentation to almost 300 members of staff, outlining the reasoning and thinking behind the reviews that are set to be completed this summer. The discovery stage is already underway, with Think Wow team members mapping out unique experiences and talking with individuals and teams to establish what can be done better. The team are embedding themselves within Mobile Mini to avoid working in a vacuum and ensure accurate holistic benchmarking can take place. Soon, they will be contacting customers to establish an external view of what succeeds currently and begin to build improvement objectives.

Rebbeca Brown, Co-founder and Lead Consultant at Think Wow said, “We founded our business because we wanted to work to our own set of values and we love to help others who share them. The best way forward often exists within a business already but involving staff in the process of establishing the correct route to success often results in better engagement and a genuine sense of ownership. Mobile Mini clearly has the right values and mindset to succeed and their commitment to giving employees a voice and establishing the most positive culture imaginable is plain to see. We are very excited to be working with Mobile Mini and have already been impressed by the proactive communications we have seen encouraging all staff at the company to get involved.”


Challenges and Change

Mobile Mini has worked very hard to build a strong reputation for maintaining the highest standards and the business will only engage with partners who showcase they hold the same principles and ethics. We needed a tried and tested industry performer to support us with a comprehensive and easy to understand solution, so we were delighted to find Think Wow on LinkedIn and see the recent accolades the business has achieved, winning Gold at the UK Experience Awards for their work with other premium national brands.

There is always room for improvement and despite our recent acclaim and achievements, Mobile Mini is committed to never standing still and always challenging ourselves to do better. We also recognise that post the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, customer needs, expectations and behaviours have in some cases significantly changed. Just because we have operated in a certain way successfully in the past does not mean this is still the most suitable strategy for customers now. We recognise there is a shortage of products within our industry at present and that maintaining standards as well as improving is more essential to customers than ever before.  It is hoped this activity will allow us to factor in any new requirements or needs that have not already been identified.

Our ambition is to become self-sustainable and to continue adapting our approach by building on the great foundations the work devised by Think Wow is set to provide. The team will be helping to devise a CX steering group and will also be delivering targeted training for Mobile Mini members of staff. Moving forwards, we will ensure that an ongoing coherent customer strategy is adopted and adhered to, making sure this is understood by all and that consistent high performance can be achieved regardless of how future customer needs may change.

We are very pleased with our decision to partner with Think Wow and look forward to seeing the impact these current activities will soon have on our staff as well as the overall Mobile Mini customer experience.

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