Mobile Mini launches guide to converting storage containers

Converted storage containers provide an affordable and versatile option for workers in the creative industries.

High-profile projects, such as Boxpark in Shoreditch and FarGo in Coventry, have opened up the opportunities presented by converted storage containers to businesses.

Storage container expert Mobile Mini has now launched its storage container conversion guide to help small businesses realise the full potential of this versatile building product.

The guide covers everything those considering a conversion need to know; from planning permission and choosing the right container for the job, to the finishing touches that make the space a unique working environment.

Zoe Brookes, Marketing Manager at Mobile Mini, said: “Converted storage containers are an ideal choice for start ups, particularly for the creative industries which have a high level of self-employment, thanks to their versatility and affordability.

“Our conversion guide is designed to help you decide if a conversion is right for you by offering advice on choosing the right container and making sure the design is right for your needs.

“The creative industry is a fast-growing sector, generating more than £8 million an hour for the UK economy, so finding a practical solution for housing growing small businesses in this industry is vital.”