Mobile Mini Marvels – Jacqui

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team have come together like never before. Not only supporting our customers, the NHS and essential businesses but also each other.


We’re going to meet some of our Mobile Mini Marvels from across the business to find out more about them.


Name: Joyous Jacqui

Role: Office Superhero and Dispatching Demon

Superpower: Getting deliveries where they need to go and keeping the office operating


How does it feel to be supporting the NHS?

Supporting the NHS and essential business has been a great privilege and makes me feel proud to be helping during these difficult times, even if it is simply a small part of a big operation.


Why are you proud to work for Mobile Mini?

As a company, Mobile Mini is not only supporting the NHS and essential business, they are also working to safeguard their employees and their future.


How has your team come together?

Even though we’re 2m apart, our team has become closer than ever. Every day we work hard to help and keep each other safe.


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