Mobile Mini Marvels – Kevin

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team have come together like never before. Not only supporting our customers, the NHS and essential businesses but also each other.


We’re going to meet some of our Mobile Mini Marvels from across the business to find out more about them.


Name: Cab King Kevin

Role: HGV Hero

Superpower: Getting units to the frontline


How does it feel to be supporting the NHS?

I’ve only been involved to a small degree, delivering units to a hospital for storage of essential items like mattresses and PPE, but it’s great to be able to give a little something back that makes a difference.


When we see our units in use by those who need them most, it’s truly overwhelming.


Why are you proud to work for Mobile Mini?

Even in these tough and uncertain times, we can still work as hard as ever in our normal roles while so many have not been so lucky.


How has your team come together?

We always work together as a team, that’s just what we do and who we are, but when something like this happens, your first priority is always looking after the people around you even more.


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