Mobile Mini, a match made in heaven

We know there’s nothing more difficult than finding the perfect package while looking for a new partner. The same can be said when it comes to finding the right container for your business.

However, by combining our product knowledge and expertise, with our passion for providing the best services for our customers, consider us container cupids, matching your business with the perfect container.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped our customer’s uncontainable desire to find the best storage facility for their needs.

Guy Martin revs up the heat with Mobile Mini

 Cd0kvp5WEAEE61dNo love for Mobile Mini has been more exciting than with motorcyclist Guy Martin, who used our containers to take on his most daring imagesand extreme world record attempt yet.

Mobile Mini was approached by production company, North One TV, to provide the containers needed to erect a wall for a stunt which saw Guy Martin defy gravity on the largest Wall of Death ever made. An astounding total of 52 containers were used and once the containers were in place, the vertically-stacked storage facilities totaled 37.5 metres in diameter.

Reaching a remarkable 78.15mph, Guy experienced forces of 5.2G travelling on a motorcycle around the wall constructed by our containers. Talk about skipped heart-beats!

We can certainly say our storage containers got Guy and the production team revved up, and we’re honored to have been chosen to supply the goods needed to complete the stunt.

Mobile Mini sparks love for firework manufacturers

20ft-storage-containersMobile Mini supplied containers for firework suppliers at locations across the UK, keeping their firework stock safe and secure for up to six months before Bonfire Night.

The fireproof and watertight design of our storage containers meant they offered a safe way to store hazardous stock, with ‘double-sided’ protection to both contain and keep out harmful substances.

This meant the only sparks flying were between the fireworks suppliers and our container’s safety features, which they truly loved!


Mobile Mini helps search dogs sniff out a perfect storage solution

sml-search-dogs-sussexIs there any greater love than that of man’s best friend?

We were proud to help a local charity continue life-saving operations after providing a much-needed storage container to house the vital equipment used for search and rescue missions.

We’ve provided Search Dogs Sussex with a safe and secure storage container, free of charge, while the charity raises further funds for a more permanent solution. The container was donated under Mobile Mini’s Community Involvement Programme, which offers free of charge storage container hire to non-profit or voluntary organisations, where our support can make a real difference.


Could we help ignite your container love story? With our huge variety of containers available to hire or purchase, visit our website to find the storage facility that’s right for you!