Mobile Mini Museum

The 18th May is officially known as International Museum Day and to celebrate all things (or at least some things) old and fusty, we’re taking a look at some of the truly weird and wonderful objects found in storage containers over the years. Some containers are – quite literally – Mobile Mini museums, with old and sometimes decrepit items concealed within. Some items are valuable, some are just plain odd. Here’s a list of our favourite artefacts discovered in – yep – storage containers:

storage rocket
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1. NASA Rocket

A NASA rocket? Found in a storage container? A particularly small rocket – but a rocket nevertheless – was found alongside a countdown clock in a storage unit in Florida. The bemused owner of the container, a winning bidder on the hit U.S TV show Auction Hunters, learned they’d been stored in the unit following the discontinuation of a NASA space programme.

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2. $2 million dollar comic book

In a strange turn of events, the comic book – which had been stolen a decade earlier from none other than actor Nicholas Cage – was discovered in a storage container in the San Fernando Valley, California. The highly valuable and incredibly rare first edition of “Action Comics” was humbly returned to Cage, a self-confessed comic book collector.

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3. Bond car

It’s not unheard of to find a car in a storage container. But when news came out that a Lotus Esprit S1 had been lurking in the back of a storage container on Long Island, people started talking. When it was found to be the Lotus from the 1977 Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me” there was – not surprisingly – a frenzy. The car sold at auction for more than $1 million US dollars.

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4. Aretha Franklin’s clothes

The story goes that following a fire at Aretha’s Michigan home in 2002, she put her vast collection of clothes and hats into a storage container, but she stopped paying the fee. So perhaps inevitably, the container plus an incredible new wardrobe went to the highest bidder at auction.

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5. And finally… Burt Reynold’s kooky collection of stuff

A real treasure trove of hidden gems, from Hollywood paraphernalia to the plain extraordinary, the storage container belonging to Burt Reynolds was prised open to reveal a canoe from 1972 film Deliverance, and bizarrely, a horse carriage presented as a gift to Burt from Dolly Parton. There was so much stuff, the new owner opened a museum.