Mobile Mini plays cupid to help you find your perfect partner

When it comes to finding your perfect partner, there are plenty of things to take into consideration, as after all, you are hoping to build a long-lasting relationship.

We believe the same can be said when it comes to finding the compatible container for you and your business. Each of our customers has their own individual needs and reasons for hiring a container from us, and as we boast such a diverse fleet, it’s sometimes hard for them to know what will suit them best.

So in true Cilla style,  we thought we’d offer an insight into the containers we have for you to hire, to help you find ‘the one’.


If you think all good things come in small packages, this container is perfect for you. Our 10ft containers are perfect for smaller construction sites, home renovation use and any number of other smaller storage requirements. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that small doesn’t mean safe, as this container comes with a secure locking system, many of which are fitted with our patented unique Tri-Cam locking system and ContainerGuard.



20ft Storage Container copy20FT X 8FT STORAGE CONTAINER 

If petite isn’t for you and you’re more an ‘average kind of guy’, you’ll find our 20ft containers will catch your eye. Comparable in size to a standard household garage, this container is our most popular to date, largely due to its versatility. The 20ft by 8ft is perfect for a wide range of construction projects, as well as any number of other storage requirements – from school sports equipment to hotel cleaning accessories.


Bigger again, our 24ft jackleg containers come with the addition of a great pair of, ahem, jacklegs. These containers are perfect for a wide range of projects, as the external steel ‘jacklegs’ enable them to be lifted and stacked when required. Well they do say relationships work best when there’s room to manoeuvre.


If size does matter to you, you’ll be on cloud nine when you meet our 30ft containers.  Perfect for large temporary storage requirements for larger items, such as farming gear or film studio equipment, you can place complete trust in this container to keep the other loves of your life safe.


The biggest of our range and the ideal partner if you’re looking to strike up a lasting, trusting relationship where you place your most valuable possessions in its care. Our 40ft containers are perfect for the secure storage of large items, including everything from luxury cars to office equipment.

So now you’ve seen what’s on show and got to know our containers a little better, why not get in touch so we can make our first official introduction and embark on what we’re sure will be a perfect partnership.