Tower Lights Rental

Our range of tower lights provides the solution to continue on-site working within light restricted areas.

Working in an area with limited lighting? No problem Mobile Mini Plus has an extensive range of tower lights to cater for your every site need.

Whether you are looking for lighting to help illuminate walkways or you need more powerful lighting to light up large areas where your team is working, we have a range to help you!

We also have a range of more eco-friendly lighting which can be good for your bottom line and the environment. Our tower light offering is filled with the latest models for not only supplying the best fuel efficiency but the most up to date features.

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  • Extensive range of tower lights available.
  • The brightest in luminosity.
  • The ultimate solution for efficiency.
  • Combine the best of Innovation and Technology.
  • A durable and attractive solution to your lighting needs.
  • Great reliability as well as perfect sustainability.

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