Mobile Mini Renews Contracts For Fireworks Storage

Firework manufacturers and display organisers take many measures to ensure a safe environment for fireworks, such as safety caps, fuse protectors, correct storage and other pre-usage actions. Hardly surprising given that in the UK there are over 150 public fireworks displays set to take place in the days surrounding Bonfire Night, with thousands of spectators in attendance.

Of these safety procedures, correct storage is perhaps the most important. Last Year, Mobile Mini supplied containers for fireworks suppliers for the big four supermarkets at locations across the UK, keeping their firework stock safe and secure for up to six months.

The fireproof and watertight design of our storage containers means they offer a safe way to store hazardous stock, with ‘double-sided’ protection – to both contain and keep out harmful substances.

All our containers also meet FPA (Fire Protection Association) regulations. These regulations state that fireworks must:

  • Be kept in a dry storage place exclusively for that purpose and kept away from flammable materials, chemicals & other hazardous substances.
  • Be kept in a suitable spark-proof container or a closed display cabinet, which prevent access to members of the public.
  • No containers used for the storage of fireworks should be used for storing other goods.

After last year, the firework suppliers and supermarkets were so impressed with our quick turnaround, delivery and helpful customer service they decided to renew our services for another year.

Chris Watcham, Mobile Mini’s Health and Safety Director, commented: “Safety is one of our highest priorities and we’ve worked closely with all firework suppliers and supermarkets to ensure each container has been thoroughly checked before delivery to guarantee first class safety and security.”

If you require firework storage, or storage of other hazardous materials, contact us to find out how we can help. You can also find more information on our container hire page.