Most Haunted Self Storage Facilities

You have to admit, there’s something inherently spooky about storage facilities. Maybe it’s the long, echoing corridors, flickering tube lights, chilly drafts. Or perhaps there really are ghosts and ghouls in the dark corners of the self storage world? With Halloween around the corner, we’ve compiled a shortlist of self storage tales of terror.

Armadillo, Sheffield

Among the most famous haunted self storage facilities is Armadillo self storage in Sheffield, recently named as one of the top ten most haunted places in the city. The facility is built on an old cinema and there have been several sightings of ‘Mr. Porter’, a former cinema employee. Mr. Porter has been seen going to the bathroom and operating the projector in the old projector room – a room that has been empty for a long, long time.

Guarantee Income Life and Broadcasting Building, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The ground floor of the Guarantee Income Life and Broadcasting Building in Baton Rouge is now used for business storage. In another life the building was a hospital and the ground floor was – you guessed it – the morgue! Security guards admit to rarely visiting the ground floor at night. Spooky goings on include the lifts going up and down on their own, unusual sounds and unexplained drops in temperature where the old morgue freezer used to be.

Unknown Warehouse, Oakland

Self storage worker, Shannon, at an unknown warehouse in Oakland, California became convinced that the third floor of their facility was haunted after hearing several unusual noises. One night, the alarm went off on the third floor, but after investigating Shannon found nothing but an empty hallway. On checking the surveillance footage, the worker was shocked to see a bright flash followed by a blank screen at the exact moment the alarm went off. This was followed by another bright flash and the screen returning to normal to show Shannon emerging from the elevator.

Jim Bob’s Warehouse, Unknown Location

Although he doesn’t disclose the location of the facility, Yahoo! Answers user Jim Bob’s experience of ghostly activity is too creepy not to be mentioned. On hiring a unit for his pool supplies, he often found that on visiting his unit, things had been moved or strewn on the floor. After returning from holiday to find his unit completely ransacked, Jim Bob complained to the storage facility owner only to be told that only he has the key to access his unit. His curiosity piqued, Jim Bob set up cameras to record what was going. The cameras revealed an unusual, unidentifiable white mist moving around the unit and moving things around – spooky.


If you’re looking for self storage, a number of our locations can provide it. Hopefully our scary stories haven’t put you off too much. We promise, none of our facilities are haunted (or at least we don’t think so…)!