National Lorry Week gets moving with Inspire 2 Learn and PD Ports Event

Monday morning, one of our lorries arrived nice and early at the Inspire 2 Learn centre in Eston, Middlesbrough to kick start our National Lorry Week celebrations.

Joined by trucks from other companies, the idea behind today was to educate local school children about what it’s like to be a lorry driver and hopefully inspire some of them to explore it as a future career.

PD Ports worked in collaboration with the centre to host the event, which involved around 60 children in total from both Southbank Primary and Grangetown Primary.

A presentation by Assistant Harbourmaster, Wendy O’Donnell, who works at Teesport was first on the agenda and then it was time for the pupils to head outside and take a tour of the trucks.

This proved very popular with all the children, who enjoyed talking to the drivers about what it’s like to be a lorry driver and learn more about the impressive vehicles.  As they were allowed to climb in and out of the cabins, it wasn’t long before the horns were beeping, much to the delight of the children (and less so the adults!)


Upon re-entering the centre, the children were presented with laptops and iPads as they were asked to complete some reaction and eyesight games we had set up for them. We explained the reasons behind the games, linking it back to the skills needed to be a lorry driver.

Each group was then asked to nominate the person they thought had performed the best at the games to represent them in one final reaction game – for the chance to win some prizes. The task was for each child to exchange 10 different coloured ping pong balls from one box to another in the quickest time. Our winner, Holly, got the best time of 17.28 seconds!


The children, staff and lorry drivers all had a great morning and even left with some goodies to take home.

Our next event for National Lorry Week takes place on Wednesday September 21st, when we’ll be heading to our Wakefield depot, to talk to some of the drivers and take a live road trip with them.

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