Mobile Mini launches new interactive product brochure






In our latest blog, we reveal the Mobile Mini Product Brochure 2021 and consider the new and improved features designed to improve the customer experience and make identifying and accessing the best solution for any potential need a smooth and effortless process.

At Mobile Mini UK, we have built an enviable and long-standing reputation for high-quality industry performance, but we are always striving to provide better communications and useful materials for the benefit of both new and existing customers. Earlier this year we launched a new website that featured a number of user experience improvements, such as an interactive product finder tool. In alignment with this development, we have now added similar functionality to our product brochure, making the transition between our communication channels seamlessly integrated and intuitive.

Our last product brochure was launched in 2017 and, whilst this has remained a useful and helpful guide, it no longer reflected the diverse developments and additional investment that Mobile Mini has made in recent years. That is why we are so excited to launch this updated and refreshed brochure, that perfectly encapsulates our approach, standards and product offering in 2021.

What’s inside?

As well as outlining our current accreditations and providing a snapshot of who we are and reasons to choose us, our new product brochure gives useful information on our ever-growing range of unique products. From storage containers and portable offices to canteen, changing room, portable toilet and shower unit hire; we have included as many examples as possible, also showcasing static welfare, groundhog and combi unit solutions too.

There are even introductions to our additional services through Mobile Mini Plus and examples of the creative storage conversions available via our partners Mr Box. Each section features quick and easy to read stats on typical uses and we have included information wherever possible on energy-saving features and recommended ways of combining products to fulfil wider project needs.

We mentioned interactivity and this is present in navigable access links to all of our 16 branch locations across the UK. We recognised that customers are used to having direct access to what they need at their fingertips and have ensured once a product is researched and identified as the right solution to explore further, making contact and taking the next step is quick and easy.


How did this all come together?

Mobile Mini Customers are diverse and range from construction and facilities management specialists to event providers, healthcare sites and education establishments. This is reflected in the breakdown of key information and an over-arching approach to the application of our products. If there is a desire for accommodation, storage or units of any kind, we know that we can help.

This central resource has been drawn from the expertise of relevant and knowledgeable stakeholders across the business, allowing us to contribute essential information and insight into how we provide a best-in-class service. Most viewers will now be able to gain an understanding of what solutions exist for their needs within minutes, which in turn, makes our in-person conversation faster and in more d can now help guide and assist customers faster and in more detail than ever before thorough detail than ever before.


For more information, view the 2021 brochure here or get in touch via our dedicated contact us page to further discuss your needs.