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There’s one thing that hit the headlines almost as often as the latest number of Covid-19 infections, and that’s the testing situation. Most experts agreed that a rigorous testing programme is essential to get to grips with the pandemic, but, taking distancing measures and varying regulations across the country into account, this can prove to be a logistical nightmare.

One solution to this was specialist testing pods. We’ve been providing the NHS with accommodation units for this very purpose, set up in car parks or disused land to keep suspected patients away from the general hospital population – vital to stop the spread of Covid.

On the Move

Unlike earlier this year, when the whole country was in lockdown, the approach now is to focus on imposing targeted restrictions in different regional hotspots, as local outbreaks arise. A fleet of fully-equipped accommodation units, ready to be transported on the back of a lorry anywhere in the country, means resources can be deployed exactly where they are needed. And once it is no longer needed, the pod can quickly and easily be removed, ready to be transported to the next Covid hotspot.

Easy access

In the early days of the pandemic, many people struggled to access testing. Even now, public testing sites are still largely based in large, out-of-town locations, such as retail car parks, making them difficult to access for those without a car. Testing pods can be sited anywhere, making them easier to access and boosting the number of people tested – and how quickly. For example, following recent outbreaks in universities, testing facilities could be quickly and easily set up on site, keeping potentially affected students away from the general population and making testing easy and convenient – vital to improve take-up.

Security conscious

Of course, any medical facility needs to be kept safe and secure. Our accommodation units are made from ultra-durable steel and feature a robust locking mechanism, offering total protection for everything inside. What’s more, as the Winter begins to bite, units are totally weather-proof and fully insulated, keeping occupants warm and dry, no matter what the elements bring.

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