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In our latest blog, we look back on the Mobile Mini UK summer football campaign and how this has supported our company ambition to bring people together and ensure every employee, customer and partner has a voice.

At Mobile Mini, we understand how important it is to have a sense of belonging and togetherness at work. Reinforcing what makes each member of the Mobile Mini family unique is something the business is passionate about and has been reflected in our latest communications campaign. Throughout the summer of football, we have run an external social media campaign, encouraging our audience to get involved and show national pride, whatever their background may be.

We designed our very own branded Mobile Mini football and have given these away to members of staff, partners and followers on social media channels who have correctly answered our fun-filled quizzes and questions over the past month. We have also:

  • Designed and shared tournament wall charts to staff and customers.
  • Kitted out our office and branches with a container in the entrance, displaying inclusive flags of participating nations.
  • Held a football shoot-out at each branch, with a goal and branded targets to aim for.
  • Held regular games, activities and competitions for staff to take part in and enjoy together.

Check out some of the great images below showing just how the Mobile Mini family has enjoyed the summer festivities:


Why is this important to Mobile Mini?

You may have read before about our Golden Rules, which are a celebration of what makes our employees great and helps potential customers gain insight into our values. This celebration is just the latest way we have looked to motivate our people and ensure everybody has a chance to be involved. We are a truly collaborative team and we embrace the diverse opinions, ideas and thoughts of all staff no matter what their specialism, background or job title. We always want to showcase our people because we are proud of their achievements, the hard work they show daily and the commitment they offer to every customer they engage with.

As part of our commitment to values, we regularly conduct anonymous employee surveys so that we remain on the pulse of thoughts and feelings within the business, understanding what is working well and giving us the ability to address any areas where there is room for improvement. We look forward to sharing the results of our most recent survey soon.


What is the aim for long-term success?

Beyond the obvious ethical and moral obligation for a company to be fair, inclusive and diverse there is clear evidence that employers who truly commit to these values succeed better than those who do not. Diversity has a profound impact on operations and recent studies show higher than average diversity scores translate to 19% stronger innovation revenues and 48% overall better financial performance. 67% of job seekers admit that workplace diversity is an integral factor when choosing a company to work for.

At Mobile Mini, we have long been an employer of choice because of our welcoming team and continued growth and ambition. We must share our story as this will show customers, clients and potential future members of staff the environment and platform for success they can expect working with us. Diverse skills, backgrounds and experiences enrich our service offering and will always be welcomed with open arms.

Mobile Mini wants to be seen as a fair company that offers equal opportunities for all and we will continue making further strides in our communication efforts, so that our diverse and inclusive nature is clear for all to see.

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