What are our Golden Rules and why do they matter so much?

Our People

In our latest blog, we take a look at the Mobile Mini UK Golden Rules and share some of the reasons why these are integral to how our business operates and succeeds.


Why produce a set of rules?

Mobile Mini UK has achieved an enviable reputation for quality and success over many years. Like plenty of other successful businesses, we have always had an unspoken connection between our people that explains why they fit within our company culture. It does not take long to establish if someone has the hard-working attitude, ambition and morals to succeed within our team.

In 2020, we decided to turn this unspoken bond into a proudly shared message, as we believe the character and commitment of our people is something to shout about. Our Golden Rules are a celebration of what makes our employees great and helps potential customers gain insight into the values of the people they can rely on.


Customer is King  

We always put the customer first as without them there is no Mobile Mini. We never lose sight of this and we show the same respect to every client we have, whether the requirement is a one-off small project or a large ongoing need. Our intention is to make every person who engages in business with us feel special and leave them wanting to return for repeat business, as well as organically feel the desire to recommend us to others in future.




Everybody Contributes

At Mobile Mini, we actively encourage every member of staff to speak up and get involved. We are a truly collaborative team and we embrace the diverse opinions, ideas and thoughts of all staff no matter what their specialism, background or job title. There is a clear and respectful hierarchy within the business but we ensure this is used correctly, with senior staff helping to make people feel heard, involved and above all, valued.




We don’t hurt anyone

It goes without saying how important Health & Safety is when you work with large containers, but this is a message that we reiterate stronger than any other. Mobile Mini puts the safety of its customers, clients and staff at the forefront of everything we do. We are proud of our fantastic safety record and have won awards for ongoing commitment and efforts in this area. When you work with us you can rest assured, you are in safe hands.




We celebrate success

One of the driving factors behind our golden rules was to ensure we give recognition to the people who make our incredible results happen. Instead of unsung heroes, we want Mobile Mini staff to be applauded for the dedication they show every day. We will always shout about the growth, development and achievements of our people and our business. It’s why we are here and remain the #1 company of our kind.




We don’t fail twice

Arguably one of our most important rules is to recognise that mistakes can happen but to always learn from them. We take it personally if customers are left unsatisfied, but we are all human beings and errors in judgement are possible. We believe our customers understand this and that the most important thing if we ever fall short is to rectify the situation as soon as possible. We ensure the first time a mistake happens it is also the last.




People are our most valuable asset

Our industry-leading resources are how customers find us, but we never lose sight of what makes us so special – our people. They solve bespoke needs, offer the best solutions, go the extra mile to make things happen and turn dream scenarios into realities. Our people define who we are, they are the face behind the name and the reason we are so successful. We will always recognise the contributions and support the development of those in the Mobile Mini family.




How strictly is this all applied?

The great thing about our Golden Rules is that they accurately reflect and represent the values, ethos and integrity of our people. As such, implementing them is easy as it is naturally how our people already commit to working daily.

Anybody new joining our team has been selected through the interview process because of their skills, but also because they are aligned with our mindset on how great work should be done. The standards we should all maintain are clear and if our Golden Rules were not being adhered to, this would stick out immediately. Fortunately, this has never been the case and we do not anticipate that changing anytime soon!

It is important to note that we apply the same principles of our Golden Rules to every third party that we work with and we have clear codes of conduct that any brand or customer must adhere to. If any supplier or partner is found to be in breach of this code or acts in a way that we believe is not in line with our own high standards, then we will terminate that relationship with immediate effect.


Mobile Mini UK has built an excellent reputation for high standards, customer service, health & safety and professionalism. Our Golden Rules are just one of the ways we ensure we maintain this reputation and continue providing the best solutions possible.

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