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Throughout March, Mobile Mini UK showed its support for Women’s History Month (WHM) by celebrating the outstanding achievements of some of the women within the Mobile Mini family. However, as our key Golden Rule (people are our most valuable asset) suggests, we pride ourselves on recognising the contributions, support, values and importance of female employees all year round – not just for one month.

We currently have a workforce of 380 employees who stretch across our national network of 16 sites between Scotland and Southampton. 114 of these individuals are women, who are leading the way in a variety of roles from Branch Managers to HGV drivers. As the biggest company of its kind in the UK construction sector, we are proud that 33% of the female workforce are also in senior positions (equating to almost half of our Senior Leadership Team) and we are actively aiming for this number to continue rising throughout 2022 and beyond.

In this week’s blog, we share what WHM means to some of our female employees across the business and offer guidance to any other women interested in construction and kickstarting a new career.


Jessica Hazelton, Internal Sales Representative, brings to light how the wider sector can do more to attract students and young women into the construction world…

“Mobile Mini is an extremely inclusive employer that always considers individual skills, qualities and talents when recruiting, rather than someone’s gender. Since embarking on my career at Mobile Mini 18months ago, I have never felt underrepresented or unappreciated. In fact, the Executive team have invested heavily into my career, giving me opportunities to expand and develop my knowledge via a Sales Executive Apprenticeship and promotion to meet my personal and professional ambitions. During this time, I have noticed more and more young women entering construction via an apprenticeship or through other junior roles. There are multiple avenues available for people from all walks of life and I believe we should make these opportunities more accessible to students who are considering their future careers, to help bring even more women into the industry.

WHM is very important to me and I hope it encourages all women to reflect on our achievements and be proud of how far we have come whilst looking forward to where we’ll be in the future. It’s a time we can recognise all the wonderful women that have shaped our future by being strong and leading the way. Growing up, Margaret Thatcher was my role model which I know is controversial, but she was so proud to be the first woman in her position and I strive to be the same. Despite this, I had never imagined being a part of the construction industry, but I have since become more aware of successful and powerful women within this sector and believe there certainly could be even more of us. So, don’t be shy if you’re interested, be proud of the position and industry you are coming into and show your colleagues how amazing you are! There is always someone to lift you up and support you, we are a family who’d be lucky to have you.”


Melanie Francis-Brown, Assistant Branch Manager at the London branch, reflects the career development opportunities that she has taken whilst working at Mobile Mini…

“I was initially employed as a Transport Manager and have since been promoted to Assistant Branch Manager in London which I’m extremely proud of as when I got my first job in construction in the 1980s, women were still in admin jobs and weren’t often given the chance to progress to leadership positions.

Mobile Mini is the perfect example of an employer who creates equal opportunities for everyone and jobs-for-all within an industry that was historically very male-dominated. Seeing more women within the sector, working on sites, driving HGVs, plumbing, carpentry and much more, is very refreshing and empowering. Construction is an incredibly interesting and rewarding sector that’s evolved a lot within the last 10 years, so my advice to women interested would be to just go for it!”


Hayley Hedley, Head of Supply Chain, shares her views on the importance of women in construction and offers advice to those considering taking the leap…

“Positive steps have been taken in my sector to recognise women as important contributors with valuable opinions, but we all have a responsibility to promote career pathways and opportunities more widely to women outside of the traditional roles, to continue this positive evolution within construction.

Mobile Mini has always presented opportunities for me personally and has been incredibly supportive of my circumstances as a working parent, recognising that flexibility and understanding will result in increased commitment and motivation. During my time here, I have accomplished a lot, although, the highlight of my career by a landslide is seeing my team grow and develop within their roles. I am proud to see them help drive the business forward with their own unique set of skills and knowledge. I truly believe that having a strong team around you will create more individual successes for all. If you’re considering a career in construction, forget about traditional gender roles and don’t be afraid to engage with this career path early on. Women can offer alternative and unique skills and a fresh perspective if delivered with authenticity so be committed to your development and in return, you will feel very respected and represented.


And finally, Helen Johnson, Director of People & Development, tells us why, despite showing support all year round, campaigns like WHM remain so important…

“WHM is a time to celebrate and reflect on women who have made a difference in our culture and society. I am very proud to work for a company that actively supports women to contribute and shape our diverse and inclusive company culture. It is also an excellent opportunity to recognise all the talented and successful females working for us!”

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