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In our latest blog, we take a look at the Mobile Mini UK apprenticeship model, consider why this has been successful and hear from members of staff who have built successful careers on the back of these types of opportunities.

Mobile Mini UK has an enviable and long-standing reputation for high-quality industry performance and we are always on the lookout for fresh talent that shares our ambitions and values.  The business is renowned for innovative and best-in-class containers and accommodation units, but apprenticeships and other early career opportunities are not restricted to construction and hands-on positions. We regularly offer career platforms and opportunities in diverse areas such as marketing, procurement, customer service, accounts, sales, logistics, human resources, transportation/driving, branch management and much more.


Opportunity and success

Earlier this year we celebrated as 8 apprentices at Mobile Mini completed their courses at Stockton Riverside College and all passed with distinction. This result was a testament to the hard work and dedication of each individual, as well as the support and opportunity to learn that the business can provide.

Emily Mitchell, National Account Coordinator, is one member of staff that found the right career path in this way. She grew up in Middlesbrough and attended Kings Manor School before taking different courses at college but had not yet found the right career for her. “I was working in retail before deciding to explore an apprenticeship and discovering Mobile Mini. I was pleased that there was a lot of support on offer and different ways to go about achieving the qualifications. This has become my career now and what I want to do moving forwards. I love coming to work and the environment here, everyone feels like part of one big family.”


These are not just courses available to people leaving school, as apprenticeships are also a fantastic way to enhance the skills of existing staff members. Natalie Turner, for example, is a Senior Purchase Ledger Clerk who has been with our company for 16 years. “I think some people were surprised when I said I was doing an apprenticeship because I have worked at the company for so long. To be given this chance to continue to develop and learn after working at the company for so long shows that they are still willing to invest in me. Once I had everything in front of me and looked at what I needed to do, I got into it quickly and I enjoyed it!”


Similarly, Laura Hales, NSC Team Leader, did not hesitate when she was offered the chance to continue learning via an apprenticeship in conjunction with her job at Mobile Mini, she said, “I have an obsession with learning, so when I was offered this chance, I jumped at it. To still feel like you can develop and be offered courses after 10 years shows that the company cares about the people that work here. Since the apprenticeship, I have been promoted and now look after a team of seven people!”



Benefits to the business

As well as facilitating growth and widening prospects for staff, there are several key benefits for hiring apprentices at companies like Mobile Mini. Upskilling existing employees increases the ability of teams as the knowledge individuals gain is shared amongst direct contacts. Furthermore, retention of key staff is achieved as employees do not feel they have to move on from the business in order to further their careers. Identifying young people who have not discovered the right career and helping them to find focus and stability is also helpful as they represent a blank canvas that can be trained in the right way from day one, ensuring they contribute to the wider business and climb up the ladder from within.

Chris Fay, Head of Sales and Marketing, at Mobile Mini, said: “We firmly believe that people are our most valuable asset and an apprenticeship course is a fantastic way to ensure we continue to build a diverse talent pipeline, developing our staff through the introduction of new skills across the organisation. We are immensely proud of how our current and former apprentices have contributed to the ongoing success of our business and will continue to advocate this model of recruitment and training in future.”

Stevie Dee, Head of National Sales at Mobile Mini UK, has also seen the impact that apprenticeships have had at Mobile Mini first-hand, he said “A lot of people still think they have to go to college and university even if that isn’t actually the best environment for them. We want to ensure young people know they can learn the basics of a good job in this way, as long as they have the right attitude and commitment. There are other benefits too, such as earning while you learn and having a great work-life balance. Many of the apprentices that have joined the business have come in and demonstrated both their capability and resilience quickly. We encourage apprentices to go on to bigger and better things and always try to promote from within. I went through that process myself and can attest to it being a fantastic way to build a long-lasting and happy career.”


If you are interested in exploring an apprenticeship with Mobile Mini, get in touch today: uk-hr-team@mobilemini.co.uk

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