Overflow Storage For Retail Facilities

The current Coronavirus pandemic has shed light on the heavy burden of demand placed on supermarkets and retailers. As more of us are forced to stay at home, shops across the UK have had to order excess stock to keep up with the demand for online orders and panic buying. Unfortunately, these unprecedented demands can be physically impossible for some stores – with a number of online retailers having to close for weeks in order to fulfil orders.

For smaller retailers, this is often a question of sheer physical logistics – in that many facilities just do not have the space needed to house excess stock. This is ordinarily not an issue, but in times of peak demand it can cause problems.

The options include either doing nothing and simply ordering less stock and therefore risk disappointing customers, investing in a costly and lengthy construction project to expand your current premises, renting additional space offsite or finally, hiring a storage container unit as overflow storage. The benefits of this final option are many, including:

  1. The storage is brought to your site, making it easier for employees to access stock and transport onto your actual premises.
  2. Your stock is kept safe and secure inside a steel container that is also completely weather-sealed.
  3. Flexible hire periods mean you don’t run the risk of expanding unnecessarily if demand falls off and spending more money than you need to.
  4. Delivery to your site can be flexible and rapid – allowing you to quickly fulfil storage requirements as and when you need to.

The current pandemic situation will end – but if a retailer has overly invested in stock storage facilities, they will make a loss. Instead, choose a flexible container hire solution so you can house overflow storage on site and then have it collected when no longer needed. In addition to the benefits above, a storage container hire from Mobile Mini ensures your stock remains safe, dry and secure against theft.

If you’re a retailer and you need to house excess stock quickly, choose our storage container hire option. We can deliver to your site quickly and arrange for collection when the demand is no longer there. Enjoy flexible, reliable hire from Mobile Mini today.