Where to place a storage container?

Once you’ve decided that a container will be the best solution for your onsite storage, how and where you choose to place it is necessary to ensure that it is both safe and easy to use.

Where to Place a Container?

You don’t want to choose an area that has overhead obstruction such as tree branches or power cables as it’s likely these will hamper the lifting process and cause damage to a delivery truck. Time should be spent to consider where the storage container will be placed for ease of access, including adequate space for the opening of doors. Most site managers will physically mark the space to ensure that there is room to move around the container and that no fire exits will be blocked. For example, if you are having a 20ft container delivered you will need approximately 40-50ft of free space.

Preparing the Ground for Installation

The ground that the container will be placed on should be one of your first considerations. You shouldn’t place something strong on a weak foundation and, regardless of the purpose of your storage container, placing it on unlevel and unsteady ground will eventually cause it to sink into the ground. Look for ground that has solid, compacted soil in an area with little to no risk of flooding. One of the most common problems with onsite containers is that they have been placed on unlevel ground. If your container is not kept level you may find it impossible to use doors.

Including the Right Support

Whether it’s a new or used container, most will require support on each corner. Those planning to load an incredibly heavy weight inside should include additional supports along the container base. For additional peace of mind, a raised concrete base for your container to sit on is recommended as it will promote airflow on its underside and allow it to dry out between wet spells.

Managing Container Delivery

Most containers will be delivered via a HIAB (a truck with a crane), a forklift or some other lifting equipment. When you choose Mobile Mini, our own fleet of crane arm delivery lorries will transport your unit to your site. All of our lorry loader cranes are certified to current Health & Safety legislation. Our units will be lifted from lorries by our CPCS/ALLMI accredited drivers who have received comprehensive internal and external height safety training. Our pioneering bottom-lifting method makes the delivery, off-loading and positioning of your unit much safer for both client and driver.

If you are concerned about site access or ground conditions, please contact our team in advance of your delivery so that we can discuss access, delivery and collection options with you.

Mobile Mini is a leading providers of portable site accommodation and secure storage containers. With a diverse UK fleet, we are able to meet your storage rental needs wherever and whenever you want.