Harmonious office space saves local music school

Our Liverpool branch has been helping the people of Blackpool hit the right note – by donating a mobile office to a local radio station.

Fylde Coast Radio, which has been based at Blackpool Music Academy since 2014, was temporarily homeless while waiting for the academy’s £300,000 upgrade to be complete.

So, to keep the music playing, the team at Mobile Mini decided to donate a 12ft mobile office unit for up to six months – free of charge.

The academy was created in 2006 by John Shaw to share his passion for all things music. As a not-for-profit community school, it was built on donations and voluntary work from local businesses, and has been so successful that it now has 90 students – aged seven to 97 – on its books.

John said: “Previously, the Fylde Coast Radio team were in a five-foot square office, and now they feel they’re in the lap of luxury.

“If Mobile Mini hadn’t donated the office, the radio station couldn’t have continued and 40 volunteering jobs would have been lost.”

Mobile Mini Liverpool branch manager Clint Thomas said: “We were delighted to be able to support John and the team.

“It’s great news that our donation will ensure that the people of Blackpool – and further beyond – will be able to carry on enjoying the music of Fylde Coast Radio.”

Mobile Mini can also offer support to any non-profit or voluntary organisations through our Community Involvement Programme which offers free of charge storage container hire. For a worthy cause, all of the company’s 16 nationwide branches can donate up to ten containers a year, at no cost, for up to six months.

Visit Mobile Mini’s Community Involvement Programme for more information.