Portable Office Units Play Key Role in EU Referendum

The EU Referendum is fast approaching, and, as is usual in national elections, most people will cast their vote at schools, libraries or community buildings. Around 46 million people voted in the  2015 general election, almost 38.7million of which voted in person at nearly 50,000 polling stations nationwide.

However, not every council has the benefit of one of these buildings in every local area. This means councils have to come up with other places for polling stations. Over the years, buses, churches and even pubs have been used, but one common solution is the use of site accommodation units.

Mobile Mini’s portable office units are used by several councils.  Available in sizes from 10 to 32 feet, they make for ideal polling stations due to their customisable nature. All of our office units feature insulation, lighting, electrical sockets and can come furnished to suit, so voting in a steel box doesn’t necessarily need to feel like, well, voting in a steel box. Our office units are also extremely secure, with a full steel anti-vandal construction complemented by window shutters and heavyweight doors with an advanced locking system.

Our office units can easily be separated into separate sections, and can house voting booths easily to give the voters the privacy and discretion required.

If your council is in need of extra polling stations, or you have any other use for our portable offices, or if you simply want to find out more, contact us today.