Learning inside the box

Since 2009, the school population has risen consistently year on year, and is expected to increase by over 730,000 in 2020, compared to the previous year.

But where to house these extra pupils? Going by predicted figures, more than 24,000 extra classrooms are needed, and that’s not going to happen overnight.

One solution that can happen overnight (well, nearly) is to use a storage container or portable accommodation unit to create, or free up, much-needed teaching space. Whether it’s an inner-city school without the space for expansion, or a village school without the budget, a unit can prove to be the perfect classroom.

Choosing containers or accommodation units over more permanent structures provides a whole host of benefits, not least of which are how quick and cost-effective they are– you don’t need planning permission and there’s no noisy building work going on.

Instead, a unit is secure, water and weather-proof, and can be kitted out before being brought onto site, minimizing disruption to the school day – because, let’s face it, nobody needs disrupted pupils. And far from being basic, a temporary classroom can be fitted out with everything you need, from furniture to whiteboards and even coat hooks, meaning you’re ready to go almost as soon as it’s in place.

The other major advantage over building a classroom from scratch is flexibility – one room or two, single or double-stacked, the possibilities and configurations are all down to you and your needs. And if you need any more, the only limit is the space you have to place them.

Classrooms aside, storage containers can obviously also be used simply to store equipment, freeing up valuable space in the school building. PE accessories, spare furniture, musical instruments – whatever is taking up space, it can be kept safe and secure in a storage unit, as well as being easily accessible on site.

Whatever the containers are used for, unlike buildings made from bricks and mortar, they can quickly and simply be taken away, repurposed or relocated when no longer needed, ideal when space is at a premium.

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