Mobile Mini & M-AR Unite During COVID-19


2020 was a year of extreme challenges and in order to tackle mass testing M-AR off-site and Mobile Mini UK joined forces to support the COVID-19 testing centres project. We worked collaboratively, setting up multiple testing centres across the UK to serve the public in this time of need.

M-AR are suppliers of predominantly permanent, modular buildings but also have the ability to provide temporary hire facilities to which we have contributed in order to deliver the required accommodation units at 5 testing sites to date. As supplier on the CCS RM6014, M-AR had been awarded several sites but required extra stock in a tight timescale in order to complete all 5. Each company could not have worked to this extent on their own, but collaboratively we were able to supply more sites and provide a higher level of customer service.

Putting customers at the heart of everything we do is a core value shared by both companies, and this project has certainly proved that this is the case. The end user of these units is not a traditional user and as such this poses additional challenges around expectations and response times. Both M-AR and Mobile Mini have risen to this challenge as a team with first class service and response times to ensure any issues were responded to and rectified quickly. Both companies have leaned on each other through these difficult times to get the job done but this co-working has ensured that all challenges were overcome and promises kept.

The testing sites we have delivered as a team include: Lincoln (supported by our North East branch), Margate (supported by our East Midlands branch), Redditch (supported by our Humber branch), Scunthorpe (supported by our Humber branch), Salford (supported by our Scotland branch).

Each site consisted of six 32ft accommodation units which were used for testing the public, and three 32fts which were used by the staff for rests, food breaks, toilets breaks etc.

We are so proud to have been able to provide our services during this time, and create great collaboration with M-AR for such an important cause. But our relationship doesn’t stop with this successful project, and longer term we see both companies working collaboratively to deliver even more to their respective customers.

During December 2020, M-AR ran a Not All Heroes Wear Capes campaign which included shouting out to those who have made a difference to them as part of an advent calendar on social. We are so proud to have been chosen for 1st December, for our efforts with the testing sites.

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