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In our latest blog, Sammie Hargreaves, Mobile Mini Customer Experience Team Leader, shares insight into an ongoing partnership with ThinkWOW, explaining how collaborative working between Mobile Mini UK and this Customer Experience (CX) service partner has made experiential improvements leading to success, recognition and awards.

Over to Sammie…

ThinkWOW is an award-winning business that supports companies all over the UK when they establish a need or desire to remain customer-focused, competitive, profitable, and happy. Mobile Mini was in a position of strength regarding customer experiences with regular positive feedback and repeat business, not to mention consistently high NPS scores. Many businesses only look to make improvements when something has gone wrong, but at Mobile Mini we always want to be on the front foot. We are at an exciting point in our company history and as we continue to advance our technology, fleet and operations it made perfect sense to review CX and ensure we never lose sight of our fundamental Golden Rules, most notably, ‘Customer is King (both internal & external)’ and ‘people are our most valuable asset’.

Post-pandemic, we also realised customer needs, expectations and behaviours had significantly changed. Maintaining standards and improving approaches were more essential than ever before. We earned praise and won an award for our immediate coronavirus response, but we understood that working towards long-term customer experience changes, increasing transparency, education and introducing a renewed sustained improvement culture would require investment, time and effort.

The story so far…

Mobile Mini launched its UK wide CX Project in partnership with ThinkWOW last year in a presentation to almost 300 employees. The initial discovery stage saw team members map out unique experiences after conducting 60 internal interviews across 17 different locations. ThinkWOW embedded themselves within Mobile Mini to avoid working in a vacuum and ensured accurate holistic benchmarking could take place. Involving employees in the process of establishing the correct route to success is key as this results in better engagement and a genuine sense of ownership amongst the Mobile Mini family.

This was followed by interviews with customers to establish an accurate external view of what succeeds currently and what is needed to build improvement objectives. Customers were asked to be honest about what they feel is done well and also about anything they would change if they could. This deep-dive review of company culture resulted in the creation of shared objectives and collated feedback, which could be used to expertly design a positive future strategy.

Feedback was shared at two customer-mapping group meetings last November, with a variety of Mobile Mini team members and decision-makers. These meetings were designed to be hands-on and allowed every participant to map out a typical customer journey. Ensuring everybody was involved increased engagement and helped provide fresh perspectives. You may have a preconceived notion of what a customer journey looks like already but following this along a flow chart and seeing the different impact of roles, obstacles and barriers was an eye-opening experience for many. From these findings, an in-depth customer journey map is being developed alongside a best-practice report.

We are only at the start of this long-term UK wide CX journey and we were delighted to be named the GOLD winner of the Customer Experience category at the 2022 UK Business and Innovation Awards (UK B&IA) for the efforts we have made so far. These prestigious awards celebrate achievements across a multitude of sectors and industries, highlighting successful and innovative businesses from all corners of the UK, so we were thrilled to be named the winner. Every Mobile Mini employee deserves recognition for continuously contributing to this project and going above and beyond every single day.

What the future holds…

Mobile Mini and ThinkWOW will now work together on how they can improve the internal and external CX journey. This will include working through an action plan as well as delivering any support that is required across the business. All of this will help to make it even easier for our people to look after our customers even better than we currently do.

A customer steering group is set to be launched within Mobile Mini, led by ten representatives across our business in different roles, locations, and capacities. This group will ensure the ongoing utilisation, training and management of mini projects drawn from the Action Plan.

We are incredibly grateful for all of the support that our Mobile Mini employees have given the project and also to ThinkWOW for their CX expertise. Our end goal is to become entirely self-sustainable regarding CX and to be able to adapt what we learn to any unforeseen future needs. There is always room for improvement and despite our recent acclaim and achievements, Mobile Mini is committed to never standing still and always challenging ourselves to do better. We remain passionate about getting things right, both for our people and for our customers.

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