Protecting Building Sites from Theft with Secure Storage

According to research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building, in the UK around £400 million a year is lost in the construction industry due to vandalism and theft. Having a safe and secure storage solution is the only answer to this ongoing problem.

Why are building sites targets for theft?

Building sites have recently become huge targets for thieves and vandals. This is probably due to the fact that they contain extremely expensive equipment, which is often not held in a secure location. As construction sites tend to be open to the elements, it is not surprising that they are not as well protected as buildings, but certain measures can be taken to make them safer. Padlocks and chains are not enough to stop thieves.

How to prevent theft on building sites

Preventing theft on building sites might seem impossible because of the statistics, but it isn’t. All you need to do is implement some security measures and your site will be safe in no time.

One way to increase security on a construction site is to put up warning signs. Though this may seem like it would be ineffective, warning signs could make a potential thief think twice about trespassing and consider the consequences of stealing from your site.

A further measure is to have a fence constructed, though it should be a chain link one through which potential thieves can be seen as an ordinary fence may convince thieves they are hidden.

You could also ensure that all of your employees have sufficient training against any kind of on-site criminal activity. This will reduce the possibility of a theft occurring right under your nose.

Why don’t you also monitor access to your site, so you always know who is where at what times? Have gates, and only allow certain people to carry keys.

If you want to keep a further eye on what is going on, consider hiring a security guard or a team of security guards to watch the building site while there is no one else there.

Of course, the most important step towards securing equipment is to store it in a full steel anti-vandal storage container, such as those offered by Mobile Mini.

It is also worth carrying out routine checks of your security measures to ensure they are always working the best that they can e.g. making sure there are no holes in the fence etc.

What to do if theft does occur

Unfortunately, theft can still happen, but there are ways to lessen the negative impact if they do.

If you report the item/items stolen as soon as you possibly can, you’ll have a greater chance of getting your item returned to you. Similarly, if you install a tracking device on your equipment and machinery, the chance of recovery also increases.