Protecting Equipment From The Elements | Mobile Mini

Whatever your industry, whichever products you deal with, there’s a high likelihood your business has items which must be protected from the elements. From machinery to stock, both manufacturers and retailers are often faced with the challenge of housing surplus or excess items in a place external to their main facility.

When you’re forced to do this, you face a challenge: do you invest in offsite storage or do you expand your current structure and take matters into your own hands? If you choose offsite, can you guarantee products/equipment will be kept safe, secure and protected from the elements?

Investing in a storage container for your own site means adding a more flexible storage solution that can be used whenever it is needed, monitored by site occupants and even adapted for various purposes.

Best of all, however, is the ability to completely protect equipment from the worst the weather can throw at it – including:

  • Rain: British weather might cause plenty of us to complain – but if you’re storing goods you’ll have good reason. In certain areas of the UK we experience high rainfall that can easily damage roofing tiles and subsequently penetrate traditional pitched roof buildings.
  • Ice and snow: Freezing cold temperatures can play havoc with traditional buildings in the UK, with the weight of snow and the contraction and expansion of frozen water both causing damage to roofing. If you’re storing valuables in a building with a traditional roof, heavy snowfall can be a devastating factor.
  • Wind: The UK is no stranger to high winds – what may seem like an inconvenience to some becomes destructive to older storage structures such as sheds and pre-fab lightweight buildings. Heavy winds can render a storage facility compromised and if your valuables are in it, you may be looking at a hefty bill.
  • Remote sites: In remote areas such as the Scottish Highlands, wind conditions can be severe and therefore any equipment used must be able to fully withstand harsh wind as well as remain secure in the event of theft – as many remote sites go unmonitored for longer periods of time.

A shipping container offers total protection from all of the above – completely weathersealed and reinforced against theft. Beneficially, a container shipped to your site also cuts down on the need to travel to and from an external storage facility.

Are shipping containers waterproof?

All storage containers from Mobile Mini are fully waterproof. They will completely protect from the ingress of rain in any conditions, ensuring all electronics and other valuable equipment is kept dry and safe.

Do storage containers get damp?

Due to the aforementioned waterproofing, the interior of metal containers can become condensed – especially if you store damp or wet materials inside. However, by choosing a container fitted with a vent that doesn’t allow water to enter it but does permit moisture to leave the interior, you can prevent any damp that may occur. Condensation only generally occurs at the walls and roof part of the container, so with shelving or another measure fitted you can avoid any risk at all.

Do shipping containers have vents?

Most storage containers have at least 2 vents – but larger models require more for adequate ventilation that will prevent the build-up of moisture inside a unit. All of our units come with the correct amount of vents for their size. They do not permit water into the container but allow warm air to escape and therefore prevents damp and condensation – keeping your goods safe.


For a robust and durable storage solution that protects your equipment from the elements, a shipping container is a great weatherproof solution. Rent or purchase a container from Mobile Mini and we’ll deliver to your site – wherever it is in the UK.