Huddersfield University – Creative Storage Container Competition

Back in September, students from the University of Huddersfield organised a very successful project to design a contemporary space using storage containers. The 2nd year Interior Design students partnered with Mobile Mini for the project and all those who took part in the project did an outstanding job of creating a modern and imaginative concept for the space. Below are all the students’ designs.

Read about the project in full on our blog


Winner - Abigail Weegram - Street Bar

Runner Up 1 - Katie Robinson - Canz Café

Runner Up 2 - Jennifer Walton - Fresh Café

Runner Up 3 - Abigail Hancox - Thoughts & Crosses Café


Kelly Ngu – Memory Retail Unit

Christina Diaconu – Gurilla Retail Space

Bethany Crossley – Memsci Restaurant

Abigail Falconer – El Viage, Kinetic Bar & Restaurant

Alex Tune – Restraints Container

Grace Williams – Cogs

Leia Ramsden

Sarah Ash

Maria Gill - Tiny

Zoe Halge – Flying Pig Restaurant

Rebecca Kennedy – Memory Cafe

Kerry Street – Restaurant Aural 343