Retail Storage Solutions

Retailers face many challenges due to the fast-paced competitive market. Storage struggles can be a problem all year round, especially towards the end of the year with the busy sales season. Don’t let a lack of storage lead to lost revenue. We offer cost effective retail storage solutions.

Add new product ranges

To maximise sales as a retailer you want to update your products as customer demand changes. But that means constantly adding new product ranges, and this is a difficult task with limited space! Retail storage units are the ideal place to store your extra stock. And with easy opening cargo doors, they are very accessible so you can easily replenish your store. You can also order in bulk to keep up with customer demand, ensuring you’re not losing out on potential revenue. Bulk orders can be kept in a storage container and accessed as and when you need them. Be smart with your storage and order more of what your customers want!

Store out of season goods

A huge problem many retailers face is where to store their out of season goods. As winter draws in, old summer stock will likely be pushed into storage, which can leave little room for bulk orders and extra stock. But the shop floor will look unprofessional if out of season stock is left out. So, what option have you got? Containers provide the perfect retail storage solutions for ‘out of season’ goods. They provide a place to keep stock stored safely until the next season comes around. Additionally, if you are buying seasonal stock early (e.g. in preparation for Christmas), a storage container provides somewhere to keep it all until it’s ready to display.

De-clutter your showroom

Is your shop floor a mess? Is your showroom packed with stock? Are your products not displayed effectively? Retail storage units can solve all these problems! Clearing up your showroom by holding extra stock in a storage container provides you with the space to display your products in a mess-free, appealing showroom which is welcoming to customers. Not only will your showroom be tidy, your container could be too! With retail storage shelving, you can keep all that extra stock packed away tidily. Even awkward to store items!

Cost effective solution

Storage containers are an easier option than you may think. They can be either bought or hired and placed behind your shop for easy access. This means there is no need for expensive investments in extensions or warehouses as you have your own cost-effective portable warehouse right outside your doorstep! And with weatherproof, full steel, anti-vandal construction, you’ve got peace of mind that the contents will be kept safe and secure all year round.

If you’re a retailer and would like to know more about using our storage containers, get in touch with our friendly team by emailing or calling 0330 066 9946. We have branches across the country and offer 48-hour turnaround on 20ft containers.