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In our latest blog, Bernard McGovern, Mobile Mini UK Managed Services Manager, shares some insight into the success of Mobile Mini Plus, explaining how this exclusive service continues to grow and has become an integral resource for our customers.

Over to Bernard…

I joined Mobile Mini five years ago as a National Accounts Manager and after an internal promotion became responsible for UK Managed Services. Before that, my career had been primarily focused on construction and equipment hire. Throughout the years I have seen the positive impact that consolidating expertise and services can have, as well as the negative effect of disjointed or detached operations. Kicking customers over between teams and departments is a frustrating experience for all involved and can leave a bad impression, even if your overall service provision is excellent. A simpler process, with good integrated communication, managed in one place, can make all the difference. This was a key factor in our decision and approach when devising Mobile Mini Plus.

Mobile Mini Plus is an extension of our typical product offering, providing anything additional a customer might need. The provision is designed to be limitless and bespoke to every individual case, with the equipment we have sourced so far including fencing, generators, site lighting and water bowsers. We aim for solutions to be carbon neutral, environmentally friendly and to adopt more green power options such as solar and hybrid power, HVO fuel and EV car charging wherever possible. By centralising this offering amongst our day-to-day services and including our wider sales teams in our correspondence from day one, we make it easy for clients and customers to streamline their activities and ensure they get the most efficient and suitable service every time.


Why was this service an important addition?

Mobile Mini UK is an NPS driven company and we regularly ascertain insight from our customers to ensure we are offering the best service possible. As a trusted partner, we found that we were often being asked for advice on associated requirements, such as powering generators. We handled this historically on an ad-hoc basis at a regional level, to aid customers wherever we could, but identified an opportunity for this to become a more focused and managed service offering. Even on the odd occasion when enquiries are not something we can directly support, we aim to pool knowledge and offer as much of a centralised process as feasible. Our trained experts provide support to suppliers as well as directly to customers, helping to foster these relationships long-term.

Primarily, Mobile Mini Plus supports the Mobile Mini Sales Team with enquiries and customer needs. Anyone can contact Mobile Mini Plus directly for our support, but even when this is the case we include sales representatives in our communications as this ensures there is always a fast response and a consistent point of contact however an enquiry or business relationship evolves. Our ambition is to be able to provide the full solution and service in one call, getting it right first time making increased value the heartbeat of all that we do.

One recent customer, Viridor, was undertaking high utilisation of significant volumes of work and wanted to know how they could power and light units in the most effective way. After getting in touch, we orchestrated a roundtable conversation (virtually) with the customer, Mobile Mini Plus specialists, a member of our sales team and also the generator supplier. On the back of this informative discussion, we established and agreed on a tailored solution which led to an appropriate quote for services being devised. We treat every consultation in this way, considering the bespoke elements of every enquiry to provide a full turnkey solution. When the process is complete, we follow up with an additional call to check that everything is running smoothly and to advise on the next steps.


How has Mobile Mini Plus been received?

The success of Mobile Mini Plus can be seen in the recent expansion of our team, doubling in initial size from two to four exclusively dedicated members of staff. Callout numbers are now much lower as receiving expert advice upfront is ensuring, from as early as the quote stage, long term requirements are catered for. We never guestimate and are fast building a reputation for trustworthy and helpful support. If the cheapest option is best, that is what we will recommend, but we always provide a full snapshot of pros and cons including why a more expensive solution might be better if that is indeed the case. We approach business with the same values that every Mobile Mini department holds themselves accountable to.

We understand HSE requirements, for example, mean getting it right from the start is more imperative than ever and most importantly, we don’t just focus on winning business and getting equipment on-site, but also plan from the start to ensure processes are smoother when this needs to be taken off. Our open dialogue with suppliers and deliberately inquisitive conversations ensure nothing gets missed.

Forward planning defines our approach and customers appreciate that we are not afraid to ask questions, such as why they want what they say they want. It would be easy for Mobile Mini Plus to have a transactional mindset, delivering asked-for equipment with no care and attention to the project at hand. But we believe in better than that and are fully solution orientated. By listening to every element of the brief and understanding the desires of the customer, we will often suggest alternative ideas that increase performance and save costs, resulting in happy partners that come back to us time and time again.


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