Secure School Storage for the Winter Holidays

Every school needs a safe and secure place to store equipment or extra furniture. This is especially important over the Christmas holidays, where the school is closed and more vulnerable to theft. Storage containers are a great solution as they can provide a secure place which doesn’t take up any more space inside the building.

In both the summer and winter holidays, FMs in schools tend to run almost solo shifts to supervise equipment and monitor security. This can lead to theft and vandalism – crime statistics in schools soar during summer holidays. To keep your facility protected, installing additional CCTV and security measures ahead of any holiday seasons is a sensible choice.

However, with budgets stretched, another good option is to hire a storage container. Not only can you use these robust steel containers to store valuable equipment such as IT machinery or musical instruments, you can also use them to handle the additional burden of Christmas decorations which may not have a dedicated place for in your school.

For facilities managers and caretakers looking to keep budgets down, hiring a storage container provides a flexible option that can match your exact timescale requirements. For example, if you’d like to keep your container solely for the holiday period or if you’d like to extend into New Year. Many of our containers are stationed in a school for the length of an entire term, especially when the need for additional storage space has been created by an influx of new equipment or a special event.

Storage containers from mobile mini are available in a wide range of sizes, so are perfect for fitting into your school grounds wherever they are needed. From smaller 20ft units through to large 40ft units, we can cover virtually any storage requirement for your school. Durable steel construction means each unit is weatherproof and can be fitted with additional security measures to keep valuable equipment safe throughout the quiet holiday periods. For FM’s, this means a cost-effective, low-maintenance storage option for your school. Contact us on 0802314989 to learn more.