Self-Contained Solutions: Hotels

Storage containers have proved to be a revitalising influence for the hotel industry. From the Uxbridge Travelodge that you would never guess was built entirely from recycled containers, to stylish boutique hotels that capitalise on the colourful building-block possibility they offer, storage containers could well be the future standard for low-cost, high-speed hotel construction.

For more traditionally-built hotels – whether classic or modern in design and construction – that have no desire to replace their entire building with some big metal boxes, it may seem like a trend of no particular interest. But any hotel could benefit from embracing the increasing prevalence of storage containers in the industry.

Extra storage

Obviously, as the name suggests, a storage container could provide an incredible amount of additional storage for a hotel. Be it for laundry, equipment, supplies, or filing, external storage will keep everything together instead of dotted around the building wherever there’s space for it as well as allowing the most to be made of the hotel’s space.

Particularly useful for smaller hotels, this could see store rooms freed up to be converted to an extra room, or additional facilities. Keeping hotel operations out of sight could also greatly improve the experience for guests, particularly those travelling for pleasure.

Extra facilities

A storage container could also provide a useful alternative for procedures and facilities that, while totally necessary for business, sometimes prove disruptive to day-to-day procedures – particularly for guests. A converted storage container could provide a test room for any planned refurbishments, allowing trials of new decoration and fittings, without taking an in-use room out of action unnecessarily while plans are protected.
Similarly, a sample showroom in a storage container could provide a valuable resource for staff training that won’t disturb guests and, again, won’t take a room out of action. A dedicated showroom could also open the door to franchise opportunities or help attract larger contracts for planned group stays. Whatever the use, the idea is to keep these processes separate from the daily operations of running a hotel.

A storage container will not be the right option for every hotel, as they will require a secure, external area to keep them secure, and out of sight to guests. But for those with the means, it could provide an as-yet unconsidered solution to some common problems