Self-Contained Solutions: Personal Storage

If your house is fit burst with possessions, there’s no longer room for your car in the garage, or you’ve resorted to using your garden shed to store any belongings which aren’t fit for the great outdoors, it’s probably time to consider another storage option. Enter the self-storage unit.

According to the 2015 Self Storage Association UK Annual Survey, there is 35.7 million sq ft of self-storage space in the UK, meaning it’s pretty likely there’s extra room for your belongings too. So, what do you need to know about storing your stuff in self-storage?

Organise your space
Many of us probably assume that storage units are basically large, empty rooms to pile the things you just don’t have room for at home. But your unit doesn’t have to be the chaotic, disorganised space some of us imagine it to be.

Storage units can be customised to suit your needs, so whether you need optional extras such as shelving and racking, or carpet flooring, added ventilation and emergency lighting, self-storage containers are truly versatile spaces. Consider the unit a flexible, organised room – almost like an extension of your own home.

Visualise your space
Finding it tricky to visualise the space you’re looking to hire? Storage unit layout drawings can be a helpful way to better understand exactly what you can hypothetically fit into each sized unit. It’s worth bearing in mind that although storage units available for hire typically vary in length, the width and height is almost always the same. At Mobil Mini, for example, all units are 8ft 6in high and 8ft wide.

What contract?
The storage unit contract – and specifically the flexibility and length of the contract – is a key consideration for many looking to hire a storage container for their personal possessions. Every self-storage facility will have different rules regarding the contract however, so it’s worth doing your research to find a facility with a contract to suit your needs.

Keeping your belongings safe
The 2015 Self Storage Association report states that only 32% of consumers know that only they, and not facility staff, can access their belongings in self-storage. Security, is of course, a highly important issue, and most self-storage facilities will make this a top priority. Mobile Mini units have patented Tri-Cam locking systems and steel shells which are manufactured to the highest industry standards.

So, if you’re stuck for somewhere to put your piles of documents, your stack of sports equipment or your huge collection of DIY and construction tools, do a little research and you’ll find the right self-storage unit for you (and your belongings).