Setting drivers on the road to success

The UK is coming to a standstill when it comes to recruiting HGV drivers.

At the end of last year, Road Haulage Association chief executive Richard Burnett warned that the
haulage industry faced a shortage of up to 50,000 drivers – and the resulting impact on the economy
could be catastrophic.

To combat this, in 2016 we launched our Driver Development Programme to train aspiring drivers to
our own exacting standards – just one of the ways in which we invest in our team.

HR Director Louise Arnold explains: “We created the programme in direct response to challenges
which we and other companies were experiencing in recruiting talented drivers across the UK.

“The programme enables us to develop our own talented people who we already have in the
company and provide them with a great opportunity to grow, receive some fantastic training and to
really develop within their career at Mobile Mini.”

The training is funded by the company and encompasses all the skills and certificates an HGV driver
needs. Trainees also benefit from a mentoring scheme to learn from more experienced drivers.
It’s a win-win – employees get the chance to learn new skills and improve their career prospects, and
we benefit from a top-class workforce.

Louise says: “For us, we get to develop our own people while filling a recruitment challenge with the
best candidates who are known to us already as hard working, safety-conscious employees!”

Seven candidates have already benefited from the programme, with a further two currently going
through their training. The scheme, which takes between six and nine months to complete, is open to
all existing employees, subject to a successful interview with their branch manager and regional

One such success story is Rachel Woodward, from our East Midlands branch, who has recently
completed the programme.

She says: “Mobile Mini has been really supportive of my career, and I found the programme really

“I’ve received training in all sorts of different areas, from manoeuvring the truck to using the crane.
I’ve still got lots left to learn though, and I love how my career is being continuously developed.”

However, it’s not just wannabe drivers who benefit – we’re proud to invest in all our staff, as Louise

“All employees have a development plan as part of their role and the breadth of this is tailored to their
position, their aspirations and to their potential. All of our opportunities are advertised internally and
we encourage movement and progression within and across departments.

“We have some fantastic examples of members of staff who have moved across a variety of roles
within Mobile Mini, each time enhancing their skills and furthering their career.

“We’ve spent £465,000 on training over the last three years – a huge investment and shows the
importance which we place on the development of our people.”

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