Shipping Containers versus Storage Containers: Is there a difference?

For many, the definition of shipping containers and storage containers may be exclusive and while there are very few differences between the two, the container that’s best suited to your needs will depend on a few things. In simplistic terms, a shipping container can be a shipping container or a storage container; but a storage container is never a shipping container. It’s not surprising to see how those not clued up in the industry can struggle to know exactly what it is that they need.

What Is a Shipping Container?

These are transportable steel boxes, often available in standard sizes, that have the capability to ship a huge amount of goods across the world easily and at a cost-effective price. Shipping containers are made from CORTEN steel, making them robust and resistant to corrosion and rust. A great deal of shipping containers will be used at sea, and therefore have a lifespan of somewhere in the region of 15-18 years. After that, they can be used for the purpose of storage and have a secondary life of 10-20 years, depending on the environment they are placed in and how much care is given to them. Most shipping containers will come with a 12-month TxDMV license, allowing them to be legally transported at sea.

What Is a Storage Container?

Available in a wide range of sizes, storage containers can be useful for any number of items. They can easily be transported from one location to another and used for the storage of residential items or commercial goods. In terms of Mobile Mini storage container units, the only real difference is that they are not shipped and no longer travel on sea.

Different Names for The Same Thing

They may be internationally recognised as the same thing but, to add to the confusion, the two can often be referred to by different names. Sea cans, sea containers, container vans, ISO containers, intermodal containers, cargo containers, and freight containers are some of the most common. Additionally, those who are seeking site storage for construction sites often refer to containers (specifically site accommodation) as cabins.

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