Hire 16ft x 9ft 2+1 Toilet & Shower

A secure unit which features 2 male toilet cubicles, 2 urinals, 2 basins, and a separate female toilet and basin completed with mirrors and access to shower facilities via the rear of the unit.

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2plus1 shower 1
16ft 2+1 Toilet & Shower 2


  • Available in sizes: 16ft and 32ft
  • Bottom lifted to site safely
  • Branches nationwide
  • Large fleet, quick turnaround
  • Superior customer service
  • AM or PM Delivery Guarantee


  • Our 12ft x 9ft 2+1 Toilet and shower units are available in our Energy Saving range.
  • Fully steel, anti-vandal construction ensuring safety and security
  • Heavy-duty vinyl floor covering
  • Lighting and electrics provided
  • Insulated Steel Door with 11 Point Locking System
  • Complete with toilets and wash basins.
  • Separate shower area complete with shower cubicle.
  • Delivered to site safely using a bottom-lifting method

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