Hire 20ft x 9ft Welfare Unit

Mobile Mini’s 20ft welfare units have everything a site could need for the wellbeing and comfort of their employees. Belongings and equipment can be stored safely, as the unit has a safe and secure window and door locking system.

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20ft Welfare
20ft Welfare 2


  • Available in sizes: 20ft and 26ft
  • Bottom lifted to site safely
  • Notice boards fitted as standard
  • Branches nationwide
  • Large fleet, quick turnaround
  • Superior customer service
  • AM or PM Delivery Guarantee


  • 20ft Welfares are available in both our Anti-Vandal and Energy Saving range.
  • Fully steel, anti-vandal construction ensuring safety and security
  • Double glazed windows with anti-vandal steel shutters
  • Insulated steel doors with 11 point locking system
  • 2mm black heavy duty PolyFloor vinyl floor
  • They are suitable for all weathers, with rainproof walls and doors, as well as a heating system for the winter months.
  • They provide all amenities for workers to have a comfortable and safe place to relax in down time from work.

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