Site Toilet Hire: The Importance of Hygiene

Here at Mobile Mini, we provide you with the perfect solution if you’re replacing conventional toilets with a temporary solution during refurbishment works, or if you need on-site toilet facilities during a construction project. Our large fleet of portable toilet units provide you with everything you need and expect from site toilet hire – this includes hygienic conditions.

But why is hygiene so important on construction sites, and what can you do to provide workers with the correct sanitation facilities?

Portable toilets or construction site toilets are required for projects where sufficient bathroom facilities are not available. Providing, “suitable and sufficient” facilities for workers is requirement by law, and failure to match Health and Safety regulations ca2+1 showern have heavy consequences.

As well as sticking to the general one toilet for seven people rule, you must cater for both males and females – we offer hygienic single sex, male/female blocks and combination units for your convenience. Ensure that there is an adequate supply of toilet roll in each unit and adequate washing facilities with soap to prevent the spread of bacteria and cross-contamination. This becomes extremely important when you consider that workers could be eating food onsite and coming into contact with bactertoiletsia and harmful substances in close proximity.

Any hire toilet unit should also provide workers with a station in which they can wash away any bacteria or harmful substances picked up from their day’s work, including paint or solvent. Mobile Mini units are fitted with heating and water heaters to ensure that safe hand-washing can occur. Providing one washing station per twenty employees will ensure the hygiene of your site toilet hire unit is maintained and that your workers have the correct sanitation facilities available to them.

Waste management and controlling the disposal waste are also vital aspects of maintaining a hygienic toilet hire unit system. All our units can be connected to your mains waste drainage, or we can supply a separate waste holding tank as an optional extra – this will ensure there is no chance of any waste escaping and causing unwanted mess and hygiene hazards. We can also arrange effluent removal on a weekly basis, so that your portable toilet units remain as hygienic as possible.

If you’d like to further discuss how our storage containers and portable toilet facilities adhere to Health and Safety regulations, as well as how we can cater to your project’s onsite requirements with our units, get in touch today.