The 6 Strangest Things Found in a Storage Container

Millions of things are found in storage containers year on year, from mundane objects like old files to extraordinary discoveries like James Bond’s car – here’s a list of some of the weirdest finds inside a container:

  1. Treasure
    At Coinsa storage container auction in San Jose California, a man discovered over $500,000 worth of rare coins, gold and silver. Considering the container was bought for only $1,100, it was an extraordinary result for the lucky auction-goer.
  2. Recordings of 250 UMichael Jackson performing live in the late 1980's. © Paul Slattery / Retna UK. Credit all Uses *Unbylined uses will incur an additional discretionary fee!*nreleased Michael Jackson Songs
    A storage container holding possessions and recordings was sold after the King of Pop failed to keep up with his payments. There is an ongoing legal battle over who the recordings belong to.
  1. A Burglar
    In 2011, Missouri bandit Ronald Dennis broke in to a storage container but was subsequently locked in after a passing security guard noticed the door was open and closed it. When he was heard trying to escape, the unfortunate Ronald was arrested.
  1. A Leg
    John Wood of North Carolina had lost his leg in a plane crash and placed it in a storage container so he could be buried with it. When Shannon Whisnant purchased the barbecue smoker it was hidden in, he took it to police, who contacted Wood. Naturally, he was relieved to have his leg back, but Whisnant ended up taking the case to court, where a judge ruled that the leg be returned to its original owner.
  1. Hundreds of Left ShoesShoes
    At a storage container auction in Miami, one buyer found a chest full of shoes. While this may not seem so strange at first, the sheer number and the fact that not one right shoe was found make this unusual. Perhaps the original owner had another container for their right shoe collection.
  1. 3000 Year Old SeedsSeeds

In Zhouyan, China, hundreds of 3000+ year old seeds were found in a recently deceased scientist’s container. When they were examined in a lab, it was found that they could still be planted to grow into grass, melons, and other plants.


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