Solutions for Tool Storage in Autumn & Winter

In the colder seasons of the year, a lot more maintenance is required outdoors. Activities like clearing leaves and spreading grit to avoid ice become common practice. Keeping your facility or home’s external areas clean and tidy also ensures they are safe for people to pass through – which for a caretaker or facilities manager is often a legal requirement. These precautions require extra equipment than the usual gardening or maintenance tools. With additional equipment comes additional problems, however, mainly – where to store these surplus tools safely and securely?

Renting a storage container is the perfect solution. A storage container can provide safe and secure housing for tool storage. Mobile Mini can provide heavy duty storage containers to house your tools, so you can be assured that they are kept safe – a common concern

Tool and equipment theft are rising in the UK, with some describing it as almost an epidemic. Last year, £836,053 worth of tools were stolen in Yorkshire alone. Tools and heavy duty gardening equipment can be very expensive, making them more vulnerable to theft. Keeping equipment in a Mobile Mini storage container is the safer option, as opposed to a porch or a shed.

Mobile Mini storage containers are manufactured from full steel with anti-vandal construction. They are durable and incredibly hard-wearing, so they won’t become more vulnerable over time. Each container has two locking bars on each door, as well as a unique Tri-Cam locking system and ContainerGuard fitted as standard. This provides a safe place for you to store your equipment, whilst also protecting your home from the threat of theft if the tools aren’t stored there.

It’s important for tool storage to be weatherproof, so no equipment gets damaged. As a lot of it can be metal, rain could rust and potentially permanently damage some equipment. Our storage containers are fully weatherproof, letting you avoid damage from rain or condensation – and in the stormy autumnal and wintry weather conditions you will face heavy rain, snow and ice which can all wreak havoc on your tools and equipment.

With a totally weather-sealed container, you can store the tools you use throughout the winter months for easy access on days when conditions worsen – or store them away securely throughout spring and summer ready to access again when the conditions demand it.

If you’re battling winter weather and need a safe space to store heavy duty equipment, contact us today to arrange hire on 0808 301 8571.