Storage Containers as a Building Material

Containers are becoming more and more popular as building materials, due to their inherent durability and structural strength. So it’s no wonder architects and business owners are turning more and more to to this alternative building material  in their designs.

Several temporary and permanent structures are currently made from containers, including a lot of pop-up restaurants and shops. One example is the popular and innovative Boxpark in London, ‘the world’s first pop-up shopping mall’. Made from 61 shipping containers, Boxpark has featured stores of big name high street brands like New Era, Vans and Levi’s.


Our very own Mobile Mini containers have been used to create one of London’s most popular pop-up restaurants, Burger Bear at the Magic Roundabout in Shoreditch. In 2014, Tom Reaney started a campaign to raise £30k, so he could move from his small burger van to a permanent restaurant. With help from over 600 Kickstarter backers and Mobile Mini, Burger Bear’s vision of a container-based burger joint came to life.

Burger Bear open @ Old Street made from Mobile Mini storage containers 4


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is just around the corner – why not go up and see it? You could even stay in a Mobile Mini container – ex-Mobile Mini units provide the basis for several of the rooms at the Containers Hostel. Only 15 minutes outside the city centre, the festival atmosphere and community spirit makes this hostel perfect for groups and backpackers.

Containers are often used as a base for homes, too, both permanent and temporary. Often, containers are used by architects looking for cheap and structurally sound components for their dream house. As featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, architect Patrick Bradley used 2 shipping containers to build his dream home on his family’s farm in Northern Ireland.

Want to know more about using a container as a building material? Our handy container conversion guide is a great way to find out more details.

If you think that containers would be ideal building blocks for something, check out our range of flexible, affordable and secure containers for sale today.