How Storage Containers Can Play a Part in London’s Construction Boom

The construction industry is growing rapidly in London, with an estimated £30bn going into property development alone in the past year, both in buildings under construction and those approved for construction.

Currently, office construction is at its highest in 20 years, with 52 office developments totalling around 14.2m sq ft being under construction.

It’s not just offices – hotels, housing and residential areas are also being built at a massive rate. In total, there are over 400 towers of 20 or more storeys under construction or in the planning process currently.

When one of the world’s biggest cities is being rebuilt, there tends to be a lot of demand for storage space – for construction tools, parts and equipment; furniture from existing buildings; and more.

It is important that everything that needs to be stored is stored securely, especially given the almost endemic nature of construction site theft (a recent Chartered Institute of Building revealed 92% of respondents in the construction industry are affected by theft).

While eradicating construction site theft completely is unlikely, many thefts can be avoided through the effective use of secure storage. At Mobile Mini, many of our secure storage containers come with a unique tri-cam locking system for extra security. They are available in a number of sizes, from standard 8ft by 20ft to 8ft by 40ft.

As well as secure storage, containers can also be used as part of construction. In fact, several permanent structures in London are made from Storage Containers, such as Boxpark and pop-up restaurant Burger Bear (made from Mobile Mini containers).

But London’s construction boom is not just impacting the storage container industry. Site accommodation units are in high demand, too. Our units are versatile enough to be rearranged for a layout that will suit your needs, with furnishings including a canteen, drying room, office and toilet facilities.

If you require more information about our storage containers and / or site accommodation units, call us for a quote today.