How Storage Containers Can Be Used By Schools

Storage containers are versatile, robust, and secure, which means they have many uses in the education sector. Here, we take a look at many such uses, along with uses for our portable accommodation units.

Exam Time

Exam periods can be a stressful time, for pupils and schools. Having to line up exam desks in the school hall can be a long, painstaking task, and after exams have finished, what do you do with up to 1000 foldable exam desks? Storage containers can be used to store desks and chairs between exam periods; for example a 10 foot container can hold up to 250 foldable exam desks.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment takes up a lot of storage space in schools, particularly those which have several sports programmes. For example, a school with a rugby team, a football team, a hockey team and a netball team would need to store various different goals, hockey sticks, rugby training equipment, netball hoops, flag, training cones and more. Putting all this equipment in a storage container could free up one or more rooms currently used for storage; rooms which could be put to better use.  We recently helped a school store PE equipment while they completed some renovation work.

Archived Files, Books and StationaryMobile Mini have give a storage unit to Chandlers Ridge Primary Acadamy in Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough. 08/7/16 Pic Doug Moody Photography

Schools have a lot of old files and archived documents. Filing cabinets are bulky and can soon fill up an office, so storing these documents in a storage container will free up a lot of this valuable space. Schools also require a great deal of storage for books and stationery. Again, storage containers can do the job.


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Temporary Classrooms

Our portable accommodation units can be used to provide temporary classrooms for schools undergoing refurbishment work or relocation. For example, Mobile Mini recently provided a temporary classroom solution for a pre-school damaged by flooding in West Yorkshire.


Toilets are one of the most often refurbished areas of a school. Our portable toilet and shower units block can be used by schools when they are being refurbished, as a temporary facility during building work. We also offer chemical toilets, if required.


If your school is struggling for storage capacity or is in need of temporary accommodation, request a quote online or contact your local Mobile Mini depot.