Storage Containers vs Olympians

Over the past 3 weeks, over 11,000 athletes from 207 different countries have competed in what has been one of the best Olympic Games in recent memory. Along with inspiring us to get up and active, the Olympics got us thinking about how our storage containers would fare against top athletes. Let’s find out:

Pole Vaulting
In the Pole Vault, Olympic record holder Thiago Braz Da Silva, who won gold in his home country earlier this month, would just fail to clear one of our 20 foot containers when stood on its end. However, the man he beat in Rio, Renaud Lavillenie currently holds the world record for pole vaulting – a mammoth 6.16m, and even that would only clear one of our 20 foot containers by a mere 2 inches.

Long Jump
Team GB long-jumper and bronze medalist Greg Rutherford, who jumped 8.29m in Brazil this summer would clear with ease the length of a 20 ft container, and world record holder Mike Powell could almost clear one of our 30 ft containers!

Going off the time he set in Rio, Usain Bolt would be able to run the length of eleven 30ft containers in just 9.8s, and fellow Jamaican and Gold medalist Elaine Thompson would accomplish the feat in just 10.71s


Olympic gold medalist and world record-setter Lasha Talakhadze can only lift about 21% of the weight of a standard 20ft container in total. Women’s weightlifting champion Meng Suping would be able to lift 13%.

Adam Peaty can breaststroke the length of 11 30ft containers in 57.13 seconds. Lillia King would take just under 1 minute and 5 seconds, judging by her Olympic record of 1.04.93, set in the final in Rio.

Team GB vs Storage Containers

If Team GB had stuck to the script, its gold medalists would probably fit comfortably in a 20 ft welfare unit. However, due to the fact they ignored medal forecasts and absolutely dominated their competitors, fitting all 63 Gold Medal-winning athletes into a container would be a tight squeeze, even using one of our 40 foot containers!