40ft Storage Containers

Mobile Mini 40ft Storage Containers


Mobile Mini’s 40ft containers are the largest for hire in our extensive storage container fleet. Providing the ideal solution for the secure storage of large items, each is manufactured from durable steel, is weatherproof and features a hinged double door at the end, locked by two locking bars.

Our 40ft containers are perfect for a wide range of industries and locations, including construction, education, engineering and recreation. With this unit, you can store everything from a luxury car to office equipment, with the knowledge that it will be kept safe from vandalism and theft.

View the layout of our 40ft storage containers below to see if it meets your storage requirements. If not, you may wish to view our 10ft containers, 20ft containers, 24ft containers and 30ft containers.

Exterior hinged double doors at end

Two locking bars on each door

28mm wooden floor on steel cross members

Suitable for the following locations







General Specification
Floor Area 28.33m squared
Cubic Capacity 67.6 cubic meters
Max Gross Weight 30,480kg
Tare Weight 3,720kg
External Dimensions
Length 12.2m
Width 2.44m
Height 2.6m
Internal Dimensions
Length 12.04m
Width 2.44m
Height 2.6m
End Door Aperture
Height 2.28m
Width 2.34m