Storage to fit all kinds of hospitality solutions

According to the latest Market Growth Monitor from CGA and AlixPartners, there were 26,892 restaurants in the UK – which is a lot of hospitality solutions to find.


That’s 26,892 sets of furniture, decorations and tablecloths. 26,892 places for staff to relax. 26,892 places to store seasonal equipment like outdoor seating and BBQs – or Christmas trees. But what do you do if you’re one of the 26,892 and need a little extra room?


Portable accommodation

Every workplace needs somewhere for the team to relax, an office to make sure the orders are made and a space to hold meetings, but why should your café or restaurant floor space suffer? Or worse still, why should the kitchen double up?


Not only does extraneous footfall into the kitchen lead to potential contamination, it’s hardly a comfortable place to take a break or do the paperwork.


Our mobile offices can be as small as 10ft x 8ft so fit snugly into even the smallest spaces meaning you gain the extra space you need to get your job done, without taking previous space away from customers.


Better still, your on site office can be fitted with everything you need from desks to whiteboards, so you can find your zen away from the hustle of your eatery – and not get distracted by the delicious smells!


Site storage

You always need more things.


Outdoor seating in summer, cosy throws in winter. Extra cushions, display boards, kitchen equipment for seasonal dishes, menu covers, old pans you want to keep ‘just in case’, extra ambient stock and enough spare crockery to sink a ship (breakages happen!). But where do you put it all?


Before you know it, every cupboard, staff toilet and loft crevice is full to bursting with things that you’ll only use once in a while – inevitably meaning you forget most of it is there.


With a storage container, you can not only keep the things you need on site and secure, but they’re completely protected from the elements – and most importantly, not in your way.


71,062 non-fatal employee injuries were reported to the HSE by employers in 2017/18. By simply adding a storage container in your car park to keep the spare tables and chairs out of the way, you avoid being part of that statistic.


But whatever hospitality solution you’re looking for, look no further. Whether it’s storage to keep your summer furniture out of the way, or simply making sure you have some peace and quiet to do the books, we can help.