Summer sports storage solutions

At Mobile Mini we love summer.

The longer days and warm nights (if we’re lucky), the excuse to have as many BBQs as possible and of course the sports we get to take part in (or enjoy watching on the TV).

Like most people, we’re certainly not adverse to getting involved in Wimbledon fever or enjoying a lazy, sunny day at the local cricket ground, but as a leading hirer of portable site accommodation and secure storage containers, our minds often wander back to how and where all this sports equipment is kept when not in use.

After many discussions, we’ve put our heads together to look at how our diverse fleet of containers could ‘ace’ the issues of summer sports storage.


At the start of each day’s play of Wimbledon, 48 tubes of balls are taken on to Centre Court and No.1 Court and 24 tubes on all the 17 outside championship courts. With the Championship lasting two weeks, that’s a lot of balls which need to be stored, with them also needing to be kept at a constant 20 degrees C.

Our 10ft container would be the answer to Wimbledon’s (or any other tennis club’s) storage requirements. If the prestigious lawn tennis club was also looking for somewhere to safely store the rackets of Murray and Co, who average nine per tournament, they’ll be glad to know this container comes with a secure locking system, many of which are fitted with our patented unique Tri-Cam locking system and ContainerGuard.

Mobile Mini at Golf Club

One of our accommodation units being used at a Golf Club


The summer sun definitely sees an increase in golfers out and about and who can blame them? However, with most golf courses spread across 110 to 190 acres, that’s a long way to walk with the heavy equipment required of the sport. As most people know, the simplest way to avoid this is the use of a golf cart, but where to keep them when they’re not in use?

With the average golf cart measuring around 4ft wide X 8ft long X 6ft high and weighing 410 to 450 kg, our 20ft container solves this issue. Our most popular to date, largely due to its versatility, the 20ft by 8ft is perfect for a wide range storage requirements. With hardwood flooring and easy-opening cargo doors, it really does hit below par!


This year’s Tour de France started off in Düsseldorf, Germany with 198 riders. With the 18 teams covering a total distance of 2,220 miles, hundreds of bikes will need to be kept safe and secure throughout the 23-day period. Perfect for large temporary storage, our 30ft container ‘wheely’ would be the perfect option.

Mobile Mini at Velodrome

Storage Containers being used to store bikes and equipment for British Cycling event


With the summer sun, often comes the urge to head to the nearest beach to enjoy a range of water sports and activities. As good as it looks driving around with a surf board on the roof of a car, after a few days of lifting it on and off, it becomes clear it’s better to store this equipment on site. The biggest of our range, our 40ft containers are perfect for the secure storage of large items, including everything from surf boards to small sailing boats, meaning more time to enjoy on the open sea.

Storage Container being used to store surfboard on a beach in Cornwall.

Storage Container being used to store surfboard on a beach in Cornwall.

Whichever sports you’ll be enjoying over the next few months, with our huge variety of storage containers available to hire or purchase, visit our website to find the one that’s right for you!