Superwomen Series: A Day in the Life of National Sales Centre Manager Farrah Taylor

Farrah manages the teams that are on hand to help with your storage container and site accommodation enquiries.

The sales team based at Mobile Mini’s headquarters in Stockton-on-Tees, are busy on the phones all day helping to find the right unit for every need, with the support team upstairs just a call away to help with any queries you have.

So, let’s see what she gets up to every day…


My day starts at 6am when I make a start on getting my four dogs, my little boy and myself ready to kick start the day – with the help of a strong coffee!

As it’s a Friday and so calories don’t count, I like to treat myself to a bacon baguette from Greggs and get to the office at 8am.

I’m definitely a morning person and naturally happy go lucky, so some days my team doesn’t know what’s hit them!



The first task of the day is always to check in with my two teams.

Downstairs I work with my sales team to get an update on where we are with certain campaigns and targets and develop incentives, ideas and competitions to drive the team to be the best they can be.

Heading upstairs, I love to get to know more about our customers through our support and national accounts team. They’re an amazing bunch who always have the customer in mind to give the best possible service.



Lunchtime! Getting fresh air is really important so I always make sure I take the time to get at least 10 mins out of the office, and perhaps just happen upon the local cafe or Subway along the way!

I like to come back to the office feeling refreshed and ready for a productive afternoon.



It’s important that my team can come to me and know I’m around so I make sure I’m visible and available to my team meaning they always feel supported. I use the afternoons to walk the floor, hold one to one and weekly team meetings, and plan team development.

Having two teams and managing a total of 22 people I diarise everything and work from a to do list – it’s the only way to make sure I don’t forget something.

My role is very varied and having a sales and support team no two days are ever the same – which is definitely my favourite part of the job!

 Farrah Taylor, Mobile Mini


I love our weekly team meetings as I get to hear all the team’s successes, difficulties and how they’ve been sharing best practice.

These meetings are also when I set team incentives, helping to drive the right behaviours that reward the effort and not just the result.



I walk up to 21,000 steps around the office every day looking after my teams – and in heels no less! So I use the final half hour to catch up on emails and other admin tasks before heading home.



The dogs are always very happy to see me and I love to spend an hour or so with them stretching our legs and walking off the day – it’s when I have some of my best ideas!



After helping my son with his homework and cooking tea, I can finally sit down for the evening.

My vice is definitely a gin and tonic while catching up on reality TV or soaking in a relaxing bubble bath!