Supporting our shops

Working round the clock to keep the public fed and healthy, supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers are playing a vital role in keeping our country moving – which is why we want to help them. Here are a just few ways our containers can provide support to these businesses.


Click and Collect


Secure and completely weatherproof, storage containers can become the perfect space to arrange click and collect orders. Creating outdoor isolation rooms allows online orders to be collected without any social contact needed between staff and customers.


Pop up shops


As well as large, chain supermarkets, there are many smaller businesses continuing to operate throughout the Coronavirus crisis. Pharmacies, post offices and other small retailers all continue to serve essential goods while trying to adhere to social distancing rules – and that’s where we can help.


A container pop-up shop can provide extra space to separate and serve customers, limiting the number of people in one space at any given time.


Additional container storage


After stock-pilers raided shelves in the early days of lockdown, supermarkets have needed time to recover, with many introducing sanctions on the number of products available to purchase. With limited space on shelves and potentially less footfall that usual, containers can provide a secure temporary storage solution for overspill goods.


We want to provide as much help and support to essential businesses and key workers as possible, and our containers are already being put to good use across the country. To find out how we can help you, get in touch.


Stay home, save lives, protect the NHS.