Taking stock

As the uncertainty rumbles on surrounding Brexit, one thing that is for certain is that Britain is running out of space – and the longer we’re in limbo, the worse the problem gets.

Warehouses are rapidly filling up, as firms from a variety of sectors stockpile should Brexit lead to delays at ports and a shortage of goods – even in the short term.

Three-quarters of UK warehouse owners say that they are full to capacity, and that enquiries rose by 25% in the months leading up to the mooted departure date of March 29th, although B-Day came and went with no decision.

Construction and manufacturing

Construction firms, such as Wates, are focusing on the short term, with many stockpiling materials to see them through the immediate aftermath, as any delay in getting supplies could hold up major building schemes.

In the manufacturing sector, firms have increased their stockpiling to the highest levels since records began in the 1990s. Carmakers Honda and Jaguar have already begun to build up stocks, while BMW has announced it will close its Mini plant for up to a month after Brexit due to fears of parts shortages.


It has been revealed that Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, has hired an emergency supply of refrigerated units to allow it to boost its stocks of chilled and fresh foods. Meanwhile, Marks and Spencer has also begun to stockpile non-perishable goods, such as tinned and dried food.
Even more worrying, toilet paper maker Wepa has also stored an extra 3.5 million rolls in Britain’s warehouses – after the chief executive of Morrisons said the store had seen a surge in demand for loo roll.

Schools and hospitals

The Department for Education has warned schools they would have “significant flexibilities within the school food standards”, leading to some establishments to stockpile extra supplies of dried and tinned goods.
Meanwhile, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has revealed it is spending up to £70m on a wide range of Brexit measures, including obtaining more warehouse space.

A solution

Mobile Mini storage containers offer an ideal solution for businesses looking to boost their stock levels, especially in the short term and at short notice.
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*Subject to terms