Meet Vicky, our team leader ex-apprentice

Continuing our celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, today we’re talking to Vicky Prest, who recently completed her Team Leader and Supervisor Level 3 apprenticeship – with a Distinction.


Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

It wasn’t something that I originally had planned on doing. I have been with Mobile Mini for nearly 16 years and thought my education had stopped a long time ago.


However, I wanted to gain more knowledge on leading a team and understanding the different aspects involved, including how my actions can affect the team dynamic. This apprenticeship became available and it seemed to be the best fit for what I was looking for.


What have you learned through your apprenticeship?

The course encompasses a very wide range of subjects. Most of them were already part of my everyday job, so I thought they would be easy, but this was absolutely not the case – it went into a lot more detail and gave advice on how to approach many different situations. It really made me aware how my training styles can affect others.


How has the apprenticeship supported your career journey?

It has given me more knowledge and understanding on how to make decisions and how to look at the bigger picture. Understanding the important decisions made by management is much easier now! It’s also been really helpful in reiterating to me that I enjoy doing what I do, and has inspired me to think about progressing into credit management or even project management.


What support has Mobile Mini given you?

Mobile Mini has encouraged me throughout the full journey, from finding the course that would suit me, to allowing me time out of my day-to-day tasks to do the ‘on-the-job’ training required. There was also plenty of advice and guidance when I needed it, and I’ve learned so much – and been so inspired by – the team around me.